Privacy Policy Android App

Google Play, Amazon has made it a basic requirement to make certain privacy-related disclosures to users, in accordance with applicable law. These disclosures are typically made available to users via a privacy notice that is easily accessible from within the app.

When you using the applications by , you trusted the application built by XGAME9X. This Privacy Policy to help you understand what we collect and what we do with that data.
Thank you for reading this privacy policy.

We do not collect any information from our app

All applications that we posted on google play and We do not collect any information from our app. All required when you install our application, we aim to give better performance applications.
Example: Some ADS in our app, it uses an internet connection to be able activities.
We do not have sponsors so we need to make money from advertising. Thank you for supporting us

Transparency and choice

To know this, you can see the request from the application when installing our app.Platform requirements aside, under the vast majority of legislations (and particularly under the GDPR) privacy notices are legally required. 
If a app handles personal or sensitive user data, or is in the “Designed for Families” program, you need to add a valid privacy policy in two places: your app’s Store listing page and within your app. 
If applicable, you have to disclose how you treat sensitive user and device data. 
If a app processes personal data for reasons unrelated to its functionality, you must highlight – prior to the collection and transmission – how the user data will be used and collect user consent. 
If a app is likely to be used by kids, you are subject to additional safety requirements.


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